A Very Special Catch

The book A Very Special Catch was originally written as 3 smaller books. A Very Special Catch, plus A Very Special Catch Part 2 and Part 3. When Brenda realized she would be self-publishing she decided she would combine the three books into one. She loved the TV Show Deadliest Catch and was most especially intrigued by the real-life character Captain Phil Harris. To Brenda, he was an interesting and multi-layered individual and the idea began to take shape after he passed away, that she wanted to write a children’s book loosely based on him and his boys, and explore the complicated yet loving relationships they shared. I was a bit tricky to take an adult show and weave it into a children’s story based loosely on some of these characters. In the book, Brenda wanted to honor Captain Phil, and share positive messages of hope, love, bravery, friendship, the importance of protecting and embracing our environment, and also explore our differences as beings on this planet. Brenda also wanted to honor her own parents and the love they shared as a family, which is why she considered her mother her hero and her father the family’s anchor.

The orcas were back. My dad smiled at me and said it would be our little adventure and that everything would be okay. We would head north toward a cluster of islands. We must leave at once.

Brenda Hill Ransdell

Brenda Hill Ramsdell is a former teacher who lives in New Hampshire with her husband, Gary, their GRAND-daughters, Jada and Amber, their turtle, Shel Turtlestein, and the everlasting spirits of their beloved goldens, Howie, Charlie, and Teddy. Brenda’s inspiration for this book is loosely based on the popular television series Deadliest Catch. It has always been her dream to be a published author. Writing, reading, and music are among her many passions.                                       

                                        Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea

                                   Mermaids are chanting the wild lorelei

                                                        Stephen Foster

                                            (lyric from Beautiful Dreamer)

My dad, Rocky, like most of us mermaids and mermen, had keen eyesight and as he scanned the surface of the water he saw another fin, then another. We found ourselves surrounded by these huge black and white fishes. At the time I thought they were some type of shark.