I’ve always tried to embrace technology and use it to enhance and compliment my abilities as an entertainer. My music library was transferred to digital in 1999 when digital music was really cutting-edge. I carry thousands of song titles. To produce a complete list of songs would be a thick book and your eyes would likely glaze over after the fourth or fifth page. My intent is to spend some time in advance of the event, during your free consultation, talking together and playing some songs- getting a feel for your personality, your musical tastes, your family traditions and the vision you have for your event. If I don’t already have the requested songs, they will be acquired. I carry classic rock, rap/hip-hop/R&B, disco, big band, country, alternative, new wave, cumbia, salsa etc.

Curtis Whipple Disc Jockey Master of Ceremonies (11)
Rocking out with the Father of the Bride in 2015.
Rocking out with the Father of the Bride in 2015.

Over 4000 Events

I have played for 4000 events. Who knew it would become my life’s work? church and school dances, reunions, birthdays, graduations, anniversary parties and singles mixers. I played the prom at the California School for the Deaf- think about that one for a minute… I have appeared many times with the Laker Girls, I’ve met national politicians, famous artists and musicians, explorer Jacqes Cousteau once toasted on my microphone.