10 Facts About Snowbirds You May Not Know

Do you know about snowbirds? They’re not birds…they’re people! Snowbirds are people, generally baby boomers, who migrate with the seasons. They usually head south for the winter and then they head back north for the summers! They get the best of both worlds and the best weather year round! Today we’re sharing some facts about… Continue reading 10 Facts About Snowbirds You May Not Know

Biking in Phoenix

As the weather heats up we all want to get outside and now there are more opportunities for you to go biking in Phoenix. Phoenix is making it easier to get around on bicycles through innovative bike-share programs that are growing across the valley. In November of 2014, The Grid Bike Share system was launched… Continue reading Biking in Phoenix

A Unique Getaway in Sedona, Arizona

  Photos courtesy of Orchard Canyon on Oak Creek Sedona is a popular destination in Arizona because of its idyllic scenery and unique surroundings. Most Arizona residents, and out of state visitors, have been there before. They have seen the beautiful orange and red rocks, slipped through Slide Rock State Park and hiked through the beautiful… Continue reading A Unique Getaway in Sedona, Arizona