Ph. D. - Literature
B.A. - Continental Philosophy
Dr. Fab

Ethics and equity advocate: passionate about addressing structural barriers and institutional obstacles and developing equity-minded policies, practices, and mindsets that create opportunities

  • for students to increase their self-confidence, relate to their learning community and feel supported in their dream pursuits.
  • for faculty to be motivated to challenge themselves, expand their intellectual horizons, resist complacency, and become agents of progress for their students and their peers.
  • for staff and employees to know they are valued through objective demonstrations of appreciation for their creative contributions and real empowerment.

Complex problem solver: well-known for proven ability to analyze complicated concepts and large data sets to propose accessible, easy to understand syntheses and bring major initiatives with multiple projects to successful completion.

Efficient and compassionate leader: recognized as a highly collaborative, inclusive and motivating leader focused on building trust and creating chances for team members to utilize all their skills and expand their talents; known to set very high personal expectations and rally team members around ambitious goals that give them opportunities to shine and contribute to the greater good.

Changemaker: student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented executive constantly engaged in lifelong learning and intellectual growth to improve effectiveness and increase efficiency by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, and working at the confluence of creativity, intelligence, and innovation.

Sound budget and resources manager: expert in designing and implementing policies to contain or reduce expenses, optimize the use of funding, maximize return on investment and identify new revenue streams.

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  • Cell: 909-714-1451
  • E-mail: drfab@fabacad.us
  • University of California at San Diego La Jolla, CA
    Ph. D. - Literature
  • IAE Graduate School of Management Aix-en-Provence, France
    MBA –International Strategy
  • San Diego State University San Diego, CA
    M.A. - French
  • Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines Aix-en-Provence, France
    M.A. - American Literature & Civilization
    B.A. - Continental Philosophy
Teaching, Administration & Consulting
Teaching Experience
  • Business Management
  • International Business
  • Global Political Economy
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Ethics and Leadership
  • French for Business
  • Classical Philosophy, Enlightenment, Phenomenology, Ethics
  • English and English as Second Language
  • International Corporation Management
  • Academic Affairs
  • Faculty & Student Services
  • Academic International Expansion
  • Corporate Cultural Competency Training
  • Online Instruction
  • Andragogy
Areas of Expertise
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Professional Experience
  • Academic Administration
    Wayne State University – Detroit, MI

    Director of Study Abroad Program

    Creation, direction, and management of a Study Abroad flagship program in Cannes, France

    Course development, Program Learning Outcomes, marketing and communications, recruitment, foreign campus and international activities logistical organization, articulation, MOUs

  • Associate Dean
    California State University – San Bernardino, CA

    Direction of International Extension Programs

    Supervision of TESOL faculty and program

    International recruiters management

    Relations with international feeder universities

    Liaison with strategic partners: Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission and local business for corporate training development

  • Associate Dean
    Ashford University – San Diego, CA

    Direction of academic departments: Administration of Justice, Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, Math, Philosophy, Social Sciences

    General Education seventeen course series curriculum upgrade

    Supervision of on-site department Chairs, faculty, and academic advisors

    Recruitment, training and monitoring of over 800 remote faculty

    Program review, learning assurance, outcome assessment, and accreditation

    Retention, completion and success improvement

  • Dean
    International University of Monaco – Monte-Carlo, MC

    Direction of instructional and student services of all Undergraduate Programs in Business: Management, Marketing, Finance tracks

    Oversight of outreach, admissions, enrollment, retention, graduation

    Curriculum development

    Class schedule, faculty assignment and workload

    Student evaluation and continuous improvement process implementation

    Parents, community representatives, corporate partners relations

  • Dean
    Riverside Community College – Riverside, CA

    Direction of academic departments: Humanities, English, Social and Behavioral Sciences, World Languages

    Direction of student services departments: Counseling, Academic Support, and Library

    Oversight of integrity of program content and delivery and quality of educational and support services

    Co-chairing: Educational Master Plan writing and Enrollment Management Plan contribution

    Direction of Title V, Student Success and Services Plan, and Student Equity Plan grants writing and management

    Supervision of general and categorical programs counselors

    Student Learning Outcome assessment, institutional effectiveness procedures and practices implementation, accreditation data gathering and analysis

  • Dean
    Santa Monica College – Santa Monica, CA

    Direction of online education programs: migration from BlackBoard to Canvas LMS, training and quality assurance policies

    Direction of Academic Support, Library, Learning Resources Technology, Media and Reprographics departments

    Oversight of multiple decentralized tutoring centers: quality assurance of delivery, pedagogy, and content

    Hiring, training, and mentoring of tutoring center coordinators and library staff: authored a 90 page tutor training handbook

    Direction of directors, assistant and associate deans

    Campus-wide media and reprographic equipment and tools budget management and optimization

    Student Learning Outcome assessment, institutional effectiveness procedures and practices implementation, accreditation data gathering and analysis, student satisfaction survey

    Liaison with department chairs to increase and improve collaboration with tutoring center coordinators and relevance of guided learning activities

  • Dean
    Grossmont College – El Cajon, CA

    Direction of online education programs: implementation of Canvas LMS, training and quality assurance policies

    Direction of Academic Support, Library, and IT departments

    Planning and development of learning resources, instructional computer services, and student success liaisons team (Graduation Coaches)

    Granular analysis, report, and training on measures to reduce significant overspending

    Implementation of fiscal responsibility and accountability for costs, expenditures, waste, illegal, or non-policy and accreditation compliant practices

    Design and implementation of effectiveness and efficiency procedures and practices: WCOnline learning center management system, tracking and trending of student traffic and utilization of services, quality assurance and performance evaluation development

    Individual staff and employee strengthening and team spirit, motivation and commitment building in highly demoralized environment

    Accreditation standard data gathering tool creation, compliance policies training and implementation

  • Vice President
    Les Roches International School of Hospitality Management – Bluche, Switzerland

    Academic leadership of 5 deans on main campus

    Direction of programs in Certificates, Bachelor’s of Arts and of Sciences in Business Administration, Master’s in Business Administration

    Oversight of coherence and consist in program content and delivery on satellite campuses in Spain and China

    Recruiting, hiring, training and performance evaluation of pool of 80 local and international faculty

    Data gathering and preparation for NEASC accreditation

    Development of student learning outcomes, implementation of assessment processes and training on practices

    Creation of cutting-edge ESL program to accelerate preparation to TOEFL/IELTS tests, reduce pre-entry basic skills education, and decrease attrition.

    Increase first year cohort size via marketing, communications, recruiter training, and curriculum upgrade efforts

Corporate Administration
    NetworkOmni International Communications, Westlake Village CA

    Direction of recruitment, training, and language services of over the phone interpreters in over 80 languages

    Responsible for quality assurance of interpretation at the headquarters’ language center

    Advise President and CEO on strategic expansion and partnerships or alliances with international universities

    Oversight of recruitment, training, and linguistic services at language centers in Oregon, Toronto (Canada), Lima (Peru), and  Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

    Restructuring of training program admissions and enrollment procedures to increase the pool of candidates and speed of preparation

    Identification, recruitment of and liaison with Board of Advisors

    Serve as a linguistic expert during corporate and contract negotiations

    2002-2005 / 2000-2002
    Veritas Software Corp, San Luis Obispo CA

    Management of multi-million dollar localization projects on Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms of enterprise software

    Leadership of international vendor teams

    Cost control and budget optimization

    Oversight of linguistic and cultural adequacy of technical documentation and marketing material

    Liaison and communications with offices in Europe

    Design and implementation of efficiency and quality assurance improvement tools and methodology

Teaching Appointments
  • Professor
    Ashford University, San Diego

    Undergraduate courses On Line: Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Philosophy

  • Professor
    International University of Monaco, Monte-Carlo

    B.S. Business Administration, Master’s International Business & Global Affairs, Master’s Business Administration Courses

    Undergraduate courses: Business Management, Global Strategy, Ethics (new)

    Graduate courses: Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility (new), Critical Thinking for Business (new), Thesis practicum

  • Assistant Professor
    Wayne State University, Detroit

    Department of Romance Languages

    Undergraduate courses: French Grammar, Composition, Phonetics, French for Business (new)

    Graduate courses: 18th Century Literature & Philosophy, Comparative American & French Women’s Studies, French Language Teaching Methodology (new), Dissertation Practicum

  • Assistant Professor
    University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, PR

    Department of Humanities

    Undergraduate courses: French Language, Introduction to Humanities Studies Series

    Graduate courses: 20th Century French Literature

  • Visiting Professor
    1983-1984 / 1986-1989
    San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

    Departments of English

    Undergraduate courses: Introduction to American Literature, Contemporary Science Fiction, French Language, Composition, Conversation

  • Lecturer
    University of California, Riverside, CA

    Department of Comparative Literature & Foreign Languages

    Undergraduate courses: French Language, Composition, Conversation

    Graduate courses: French Feminism and Film (new), French for Graduate Research, French for Critical Theory (new)

  • Adjunct Instructor
    University of the People, Pasadena - CA

    BS, MA, MBA courses: International Business, Management, Leadership, Business Ethics

  • Adjunct Instructor
    University of Redlands, Redlands

    BS, MA, MBA courses: International Business, Management, Leadership, Business Ethics

  • Adjunct Instructor
    Coleman University, San Diego

    Undergraduate courses In Class: Leadership, Change and Conflict Management

    Graduate courses On Line: Organizational Theory and Design

  • Adjunct Instructor
    California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, CA

    Departments of Philosophy and Modern Languages

    Undergraduate courses: Classical Philosophy, Introduction to Existentialism & Phenomenology (new), French Composition, French Cultural Studies (new)

  • Adjunct Instructor
    San Diego Mesa Community College, San Diego, CA

    Department of Foreign Languages

    Undergraduate courses: French Language, Composition, Conversation, Civilization

    Honors courses: French Cultural Studies

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
    University of California - San Diego, CA

    Department of Literature

    Undergraduate courses: French Language and Literature

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
    San Diego State University - San Diego, CA

    Department of French & Italian Literature

    Undergraduate courses: French Language and Literature

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  • Cell: 909-714-1451
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